Fishing trip in Amazonia
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Wellcome to Amazon Predator Fishing.

We are passionated by the Peacock Bass fishing for more than 20 years and we have organized (along with some of the best local operators) fishing expeditions in Amazonia since 2005.

We have selected for you the best spots for the best value in Brazil and Colombia , some of the with exclusive rights within local community territories and ameridian reservations .

The giant Peacock Bass (they can weight more than 24 lbs) is of course the main target of many anglers but on some locations you can find as well the Yellow Peacock Bass( Cichla Pinima) with some specimens up to 18/20 lbs range.

Other peacock species : butterfly and monoculus peacoks, acrobatic arawanas , prehistoric aïmaras , piranhas  and a whole bunch of hard fighting catfishes (some reaching more than 100 lbs) will be also bending your rods during your fishing trip .

The famous Dog-fish (Cachorra in Brazil , Payara in Colombia) is also a great trophy , the best place to catch a big one is in Colombia but on some Brazilian Rios there are also nice specimens to encounter.

Be it in Brazil or in Colombia, our partners are very professional  and they offer all the guarantees and licences and inssurances needed, so do we as well as a specialized tour operator.

Joining us for a fishing trip in Amazonia, means much more than booking just a fishing holiday , in most of the case the local population is directly involved into the fishery and a fair amount of the money you pay is going directly to the communities and tribes plus the guides, the camps or boats staffs are all issued from the local inhabitants .

It helps  to preserve this fantastic environment in a sunstaible way for them and for us fisherman because the fishing is done with a catch and release policy (with exception of some fish taken for the day to day food).

By taking a Peacock Bass fishing holiday you will not only make one of the most memorable fishing trip of your lifetime, you will also live a life experience by getting in contact with the local population, the wildlife, the flora and the perfumes of the rain forest .

Join us and realise your dream when a giant Peacock Bass  will come and crash your topwater lure in the deep of the Amazonian jungle !

amazon predator fishing alain cavard