Fishing trip in Amazonia

amazon predator fishing rio vichada 03RIO VICHADA TUCUNARE LODGE

Here is a fishing adventure, that  many anglers were hopping to realise : Fish some of the biggest Peacock Bass in one of the most productive and preserved area of the planet in Colombia in the remote  region of ”sierra de Mataven ” where the fabulous Rio Vichada runs before reaching the huge Orinoco  river.

This where is born the project of the « Tucunaré Lodge » when the Colombian fishing guide Alejandro Diaz passionated by the Peacock Bass fishing met the Sikuani tribe who lives on the shore of the Vichada in their protected and reserved  area.

The lodge is a kind of replica of an Amerindian village with all comodities in the bungalows dedicated to the anglers (spacious rooms with real bed, mosquito nets, ventilation, private wc and even shower !)

You will be the only authorized anglers to fish the rio itself and it’s big lagoons where the giant peacock bass live.

The fishery along the Vichada is only reserved to the guest of « Tucunaré Lodge ».

Every day after th breakfast you will leve the lodge with your guide (one guide for two anglers)  and chase mostly using topwater lures the giant « Temensis » Peacock Bass with real good chances to catch a trophy of more than 20 lbs.

Along with the Temensis , there is as well a healty population of rather big Peacock Mariposa (Butterfly) with some specimens reaching the 10 lbs mark, arawanas,and the famous  dog tooth vampire fish (Payara ), piranhas, bicudas and sevreral other species including some hard fighting catfish (up to100 lbs) can be caught during the day, using both lures and baits (for the catfish) .

The two last days of the trip are consacrated to the Payara fishing in some rapids of the Orinoco river , particularly in a famous spot named « Raudales del Muerte «  where Payaras can reach wheights of nearly 30 lbs for the biggest .

Som nice Peacocks and some big Bicudas , Sadinatas  and huge catfishes are caught in this area as well.

Don’t miss this opportunity as spots are booked long time  in advance and spaces are limited to 10 anglers per week.

Fortunately the season is long and starts in mid november to end the last week of april .